How to go Wildfowling

LEWC Wildfowling Permit Scheme – 2021 / 2022 Season

Please note that the following criteria have been established by the Department for Infrastructure in conjunction with the LEWC Wildfowling Permit Scheme for the upcoming shooting season, (ie 1st September 2021 to 31st January 2022).

1. Types of LEWC Wildfowling Permit.

There are 3 types of LEWC Wildfowling Permit available:

Season Permit – LEWC Affiliate Club member £ 15
Season Permit – Non LEWC Affiliate Club member £ 30
Weekly Permit – Non LEWC Affiliate Club member £ 20

*Affiliate Clubs are local Wildfowling Clubs based in and around Lough Erne and which are members of the LEWC.

2. Required conditions to be satisfied before a Permit can be issued

  • Previous timely submission of LEWC Wildfowl Bag Return (if applicable)
  • Proof of valid 3rd Party Shooting Insurance from one of the following organisations:
  • Proof of valid Firearms Certificate
    Photocopy of valid FAC to be supplied by all Non-member Season or Non- member Weekly applicants

3. Documentation which WILL BE PROVIDED with each Permit issued.

Once you obtain an LEWC Permit, you should also receive the following documents:

4. Submission of completed Bag Returns.

The Wildfowl Bag return MUST be submitted to your Affiliate Club or to the LEWC  Secretary before 28th February 2020. Failure to submit a Wildfowl Bag return will void any future application for a LEWC Wildfowling Permit. The Voluntary Predator Bag return should also be submitted to the same people on the same date.

5. LEWC Wildfowling Permits can be obtained from the following sources:

Local LEWC Affilaited Club Secretaries, or Nominated LEWC representatives which are:

Mr T  McGoldrick               Tel: 07771 741942

Mr R Cranston                     Tel: 07894 987652

Mr P  Taylor                         Tel: 07704  002950

Mr N  Irvine                         Tel: 07918  608323

Mr D Stinson                       Tel: 07793  559640

6. Additional details

To obtain an LEWC Permit you will be required to provide a photocopy of your valid Firearms Certificate and proof of valid shooting insurance. Maps identifying areas over which no shooting is allowed are available for examination from the above representatives. Wildlife Refuge maps will be provided with the Permit. Cheques should be made payable to L.E.W.C.

Please contact one of the above nominated representatives for further instructions.

No exceptions to any of the above criteria are permissible.