About LEWC

What is the LEWC ?

The LEWC was established in 1991 as an open membership Council to represent local Wildfowling Clubs which operate on and around Lough Erne. Our members are local  wildfowlers, from local Wildfowling Clubs that choose to co-operate and work together in the best interests of our sport.

All ten local Wildfowling Clubs are represented on the Council. It’s activities are directed by a committee which meets monthly and is elected annually.

The local Wildfowling Clubs are:

  • Ballygowan Gun Club
  • Derrylin and District Gun Club,
  • Devenish Wildfowlers and Conservation Club,
  • Fermanagh Wildfowlers Association,
  • Kesh Wildfowling Club,
  • Kilmore Gun Club,
  • Liscreevin Gun Club,
  • Mulleek and District Gun Club,
  • Upper Erne Gun Club.

On it’s own, each Club recognises that it can have little effect on influencing the way local wildfowling activities are administered, managed and co-ordinated. Together however we form a significant body that legitimately represents wildfowlers on Lough Erne.

What does the LEWC do?

Our main role is to manage and administer the sport of wildfowling on the Lough Erne Estate on behalf of DCAL, (the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure for Northern Ireland). Each year DCAL list a number of management requirements which we must fulfil to ensure that Wildfowling can continue on the Erne Estate for the coming season. A key requirement is the administration of a DCAL approved Shooting Permit Scheme for Wildfowling on Lough Erne. Other activities involve conservation projects to protect and enhance the local habitats for wildfowl and breeding waders.

Our primary objectives are to:

  • conserve the wildfowl and wader populations of Lough Erne, together with the habitats on which they depend
  • facilitate the collection of scientific and other data to aid the sound management of the wildfowl and wader population of Lough Erne
  • self regulate wildfowling on Lough Erne to ensure that the sport is sustainable and responsible.
  • promote co-operation, high standards of sportsmanship and good relations amongst wildfowlers
  • promote a better understanding and awareness of wildfowling by the general public